8Planets is a simple viewer and simulator for planetary orbits in our Solar System.

8Planets helps you discover how the planets aligned and move around over time so that you feel the scale of the Solar System or even the Universe. By giving you quick and easy access to the Solar System everywhere, the app will make you feel that the Solar System is close to us. The apps are available on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

You can try 8Planets for free if you visit this site from your iOS device and tap “VIEW” from the top banner. Note that these apps are different so you need to purchase them separately if you want both.

8Planets - A simple viewer for planetary orbits in our Solar System | Product Hunt

Planetary Motion

Speed up or slow down time to see how the planets rotate over time and grasp the scale of the Solar System.

Time Travel

Travel back or forward in time to view the Solar System or planetary positions on any given date.


Widgets allow you to display the real-time Solar System on your iOS Home Screen and macOS Widgets for Notification Center.


View the Solar System on your wrist and use Digital Crown to travel back or forward in time.


Apple Watch Complications, Overview of the planets, Option to show Pluto, Sharing your favorite moment of the Solar System, URL Scheme, and more.